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Decorative Strip

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Decorative Strip

Our barn camera system provides you with the capability to visually monitor your animals  on your TV/Monitor from the comforts of your home and on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Wireless video/audio transmitter & receiver

- 2.4 Ghz transmitter - rated @ 1000 feet line of site
- Transmitter is weather-proof - for mounting on
   outside of  barn, thereby reducing the number of
    barriers the  signal must penetrate
  - 8 foot video/audio/power lead on transmitter

 - Transmit frequency 2.4GHz

  - Receiver frequency 2.4GHz 
  - Connects to TV

Infrared LED Weather-proof Color Day/Night Camera with Audio
  - 1/3" Sony CCD image pickup device
  - 36 Infrared LEDS
  - Color -  weather-proof
  - Switches to black and white in
  - 3.6 mm board lens
  - 600 lines resolution
  - 0 Lux (LED on)
  - Extremely clear - crisp picture


Plug and Play DVR
Our plug and play  DVR uses cloud technology to allow you to view your barn camera on your Android or Iphone device from anywhere in the world.   Setup is simple.  There is no need for technical port forwarding or IP addressing.  The phone app connects to the DVR via the ID (serial number) of the DVR.

Video/Audio/Power Cable
This cable is used to connect cameras to the wireless transmitter, quad processor or monitor, and the quad processor to the wireless transmitter.  It provides a power circuit,  audio circuit and a video circuit.  The power circuit is configured with standard 12/24V DC male and female connectors.  The audio and video circuits are configured with RCA male connectors at both ends.

Two years, 100% parts and labor

Prices - Online purchasing    

Single camera wireless system - Includes:
- 1 IR LED Weatherproof Color Day/Night Camera
- 1 Microphone
- Weatherproof 2.4Ghz Transmitter
- 65 feet of video/audio/power cable to connect camera to
- 2.4Ghz Receiver
- Plug and Play DVR
- Cable to connect receiver to DVR
- Cable to connect DVR to TV
- 50 foot ethernet cable to connect DVR to wireless router
- Power adapters for all components
Price - $449.00


You can add up to 3 additional cameras to this system for a total of 4.
To add additional cameras you will need the color quad processor.    You can connect up to 4 cameras to the quad processor, and the quad processor connects to the transmitter.
The quad processors allows you to display 1, 2 or 4 cameras  simultaneously or switch from camera to camera from 1 to 99 second intervals.

Color Quad Processor $59.00

  To add cameras to this system select the following-  Each camera comes with a 65 foot power/audio/video cable. 

IR LED Weatherproof Color Day/Night Camera with Audio - $119.00  

If you want to increase the length of the video/audio/power cable from the cameras to the quad, or the quad to the transmitter , select the following:
(Indicate in shopping cart the number of cables to have the length increased)



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